‘Sacred Heart pendant’, cardoard, paper, metal, firework, 5x6x1.5cm
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Light my fire is an independent project which aim to respond to the question where is the ‘sacred’ in our modern reality? I wanted to question the reminiscence of the ancient ‘sacred’ in our contemporary reality, confronted with the new objects of adoration, as technology, massive consumption, image body etc. The mixture of these ancient symbols with modern ‘ beliefs’ results in anachronistic situations that are fascinating to study.Through design based on mixing ancient and modern symbols, I want people to ask themselves, what is sacred for them? How do they feel confronted by the question of what are the sacred values that they believe in? Is it religion, love, power, body image, consumption or something else? I have left this as an open question in this piece of work.

I have created a series of pyrotechnic jewellery pieces constructed using cardboard,firework powder, and sparklers ( non-dangerous category ). The ephemeral aspect of this jewellery along with the use of low cost materials, and explosives create a metaphor of our society based on the consumable values.